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"Mybet88 May Madness" Contest
Congratulations to our "Mybet88 May Madness" contest.

Grand Prize RM 88,888 x 1

Mobile Number Deposit ID

6012XXX4292 D00994746

2nd Prize RM 8,888 x 3

Mobile Number Deposit ID

6017XXX4031 D00911103

60113XXX9114 D00994735

6010XXX1277 D00994737

3rd Prize RM 888 x 30

Mobile Number Deposit ID

6012XXX6446 D01053500

6016XXX1010 D01005839

6010XXX0254 D01051986

6010XXX6777 D01036676

6011XXXX3869 D01009481

6012XXX5445 D01043404

6017XXX8552 D01053452

6012XXX4982 D01052713

6013XXX8007 D01049983

6012XXX9678 D01040269

6018XXX6262 D01050026

6017XXX6193 D01027656

6011XXXX3744 D00987300

6019XXX7977 D01048198

6010XXX8383 D01042135

6012XXX6799 D01052327

6016XXX4266 D01052685

6014XXX4003 D01038414

6019XXX2557 D01049457

6012XXX1810 D01031357

6016XXX0057 D01050842

6018XXX2291 D01048493

6012XXX6416 D01036666

6017XXX9909 D01052371

6017XXX5561 D01053226

6017XXX5817 D01025631

6012XXX6627 D01046656

6011XXXX5338 D01053222

6012XXX7933 D01053478

6016XXX7324 D01045913

Consolation Prize RM 88 x 300
Mobile Number Deposit ID Mobile Number Deposit ID Mobile Number Deposit ID
6012XXX4442 D01026400 6013XXX8312 D01041927 6013XXX3967 D01042131
6017XXX8655 D01050093 6019XXX8853 D01045188 6012XXX1330 D01044924
6012XXX8604 D01046393 6010XXX3717 D01050438 6013XXX8732 D01030406
6013XXX3503 D01018348 6013XXX9690 D01039122 6013XXX7267 D01014979
6017XXX6990 D01048874 6016XXX8879 D01044237 6013XXX4977 D01052696
6012XXX3302 D01023628 6014XXX2909 D01032648 6016XXX6696 D00999163
6016XXX8361 D01031237 6017XXX1268 D01052471 6013XXX8727 D01052802
6014XXX1243 D01053017 6019XXX3698 D01012054 6012XXX9914 D01030272
6016XXX4110 D01023337 6011XXXX2788 D00999809 6013XXX8711 D01012231
6016XXX3709 D01048505 6017XXX5350 D01024830 6018XXX0886 D01024369
6019XXX8084 D01002411 6019XXX9720 D01027165 6010XXX5820 D01047481
6012XXX6822 D01021797 6016XXX9474 D00969512 6012XXX0687 D01038732
6010XXX8980 D01009195 6012XXX1146 D01039278 6014XXX9993 D01009730
6010XXX7133 D01017001 6011XXXX2163 D01022530 6016XXX4562 D01053495
6017XXX3009 D01012976 6012XXX7802 D01019880 6016XXX9824 D01021002
6019XXX1845 D01001925 6012XXX6520 D01024230 6016XXX9731 D01042396
6012XXX9332 D01046999 6013XXX0797 D01035304 6012XXX7377 D01033590
6011XXXX8510 D01037750 6018XXX5652 D01050976 6017XXX9966 D01044621
6013XXX7040 D01008382 6013XXX3127 D01050108 6012XXX4464 D01052030
6016XXX7575 D01008216 6011XXXX1843 D00976043 6016XXX6891 D01019904
6016XXX9105 D01033321 6016XXX7848 D01053482 6014XXX1491 D01046841
6016XXX9139 D01028611 6019XXX7253 D01041150 6019XXX5199 D01012908
6019XXX6316 D01051781 6011XXXX0977 D01003704 6014XXX5838 D01026935
6012XXX2135 D01051132 6012XXX9789 D01051156 6011XXXX5058 D01025082
6011XXXX7127 D01053342 6010XXX9881 D01024884 6012XXX8752 D01005835
6013XXX6632 D01035725 6017XXX8369 D01030537 6012XXX3399 D01014643
6017XXX7101 D00965127 6019XXX1972 D01034979 6014XXX7475 D01050594
6012XXX1011 D01040801 6017XXX6521 D01016391 6014XXX8897 D01010505
6016XXX2491 D01001156 6013XXX4101 D00999933 6013XXX6005 D01043841
6016XXX4110 D01021289 6012XXX5096 D01006966 6016XXX1501 D01053059
6017XXX1292 D01044144 6010XXX7488 D01021706 6019XXX6208 D01049586
6016XXX4383 D01044188 6019XXX0921 D01049022 6012XXX3909 D01004677
6011XXXX5450 D01016614 6018XXX7987 D00999959 6017XXX2610 D01028316
6014XXX7737 D01052599 6016XXX7238 D01052355 6011XXXX0818 D01012592
6013XXX9390 D01013536 6012XXX3161 D01040713 6016XXX7306 D01052634
6018XXX0632 D01044886 6016XXX3502 D01053103 6013XXX1311 D01043238
6011XXXX7713 D01052848 6018XXX0711 D01052595 6017XXX2544 D01033878
6012XXX3448 D01011425 6013XXX4569 D01045005 6012XXX8930 D01051406
6012XXX4830 D01034510 6018XXX8775 D01017851 6010XXX4848 D01053413
6017XXX3483 D01048417 6013XXX6543 D01018703 6012XXX3835 D01003687
6012XXX5695 D01030948 6018XXX9343 D01009314 6011XXXX0932 D01002490
6012XXX6156 D01001545 6014XXX0488 D01053435 6010XXX2723 D01020159
6016XXX0621 D01007993 6017XXX6197 D01038785 6017XXX9547 D00997934
6011XXXX3199 D01017415 6013XXX3417 D01019591 6014XXX1239 D01036257
6012XXX0683 D01016159 6016XXX2320 D01021981 6012XXX3199 D01052234
6016XXX7033 D01035438 6012XXX2028 D01049599 6013XXX1977 D00998212
6019XXX1592 D01009728 6019XXX1984 D01035422 6013XXX2751 D01048015
6016XXX2417 D01004841 6016XXX9557 D01029565 6012XXX8882 D01011530
6019XXX3025 D01037497 6011XXXX0086 D01038548 6013XXX4880 D01026873
6011XXXX0243 D01010302 6010XXX5930 D01010720 6019XXX8450 D01026991
6016XXX1101 D01050409 6017XXX0622 D01022170 6011XXXX4800 D01053241
6017XXX2556 D01020479 6011XXXX9590 D01045621 6017XXX8027 D01052777
6019XXX5333 D01051591 6013XXX2492 D01027059 6012XXX1186 D01022221
6012XXX9462 D01053121 6019XXX8162 D01052628 6017XXX4969 D01023889
6014XXX3655 D01000039 6010XXX7715 D01051308 6011XXXX2780 D01051720
6019XXX4046 D01003421 6018XXX9070 D01031288 6012XXX9191 D01047621
6019XXX5745 D01044929 6017XXX5028 D01030555 6014XXX1775 D01003526
6012XXX5385 D01022942 6011XXXX3121 D01037941 6019XXX7976 D01041247
6012XXX7768 D01023549 6013XXX0635 D01013118 6016XXX1715 D01016397
6016XXX5676 D01025217 6012XXX8671 D01032850 6014XXX8443 D01038529
6014XXX4334 D01020470 6018XXX0454 D01026179 6017XXX2884 D01052254
6016XXX6844 D01023074 6019XXX3311 D01014392 6019XXX4141 D01004838
6012XXX8870 D01012087 6016XXX4255 D01050837 6018XXX1923 D01025169
6019XXX8800 D01021916 6016XXX1171 D01042191 6012XXX6175 D01042735
6019XXX0886 D01022330 6017XXX7659 D01025617 6019XXX9385 D01042000
6017XXX9737 D01002310 6017XXX7551 D01023648 6013XXX7145 D01006051
6016XXX2429 D01047402 6016XXX6014 D01044804 6017XXX0702 D01051405
6011XXXX3550 D01002782 6017XXX1550 D01019753 6012XXX2373 D01010045
6011XXXX1628 D01013386 6019XXX7279 D01020764 6016XXX8981 D01053310
6012XXX1589 D01029837 6017XXX3325 D01014399 6013XXX4723 D01027642
6016XXX2486 D01031834 6017XXX2723 D01043001 6011XXXX8824 D01045048
6014XXX8628 D01042958 6017XXX5362 D01051368 6012XXX8286 D01016353
6012XXX6465 D01023759 6017XXX5707 D01037627 6016XXX0319 D01024538
6012XXX4471 D01018956 6013XXX4338 D01019373 6011XXXX6562 D01045101
6017XXX0010 D01040617 6016XXX7177 D01048456 6017XXX5590 D01023972
6017XXX2628 D01041958 6011XXXX0483 D01025385 6013XXX5308 D01032798
6012XXX7923 D01053283 6016XXX6492 D01049982 6012XXX0360 D01050777
6016XXX3806 D01043954 6010XXX7821 D01039424 6016XXX9939 D01038033
6017XXX5323 D01051036 6016XXX8736 D01018634 6012XXX2292 D01013375
6012XXX2680 D01045408 6019XXX3730 D01051992 6017XXX0859 D01050726
6011XXXX0282 D01024180 6011XXXX5210 D01004316 6018XXX8483 D01018067
6011XXXX4846 D01001118 6011XXXX8338 D01037286 6011XXXX7353 D01017605
6019XXX6367 D01039045 6012XXX1486 D01011096 6016XXX0876 D01047705
6016XXX8118 D01043989 6011XXXX6477 D01047962 6011XXXX4321 D01017917
6018XXX1711 D01052317 6016XXX0430 D01003069 6011XXXX3330 D01053494
6011XXXX1305 D01023202 6012XXX7770 D01041118 6016XXX0778 D01034009
6011XXXX8565 D00997797 6013XXX3957 D01012528 6010XXX6566 D01021638
6011XXXX9118 D01052968 6013XXX8385 D01049174 6014XXX1898 D01042947
6012XXX6598 D01023657 6012XXX0024 D01025044 6017XXX6467 D01053151
6014XXX2542 D01023022 6012XXX9181 D01051506 6011XXXX5003 D01047520
6014XXX1395 D00964576 6013XXX7564 D01000303 6014XXX1775 D01006433
6012XXX7191 D01015056 6016XXX0223 D01047521 6016XXX4867 D01007430
6017XXX2630 D01048046 6019XXX8642 D01026832 6013XXX0701 D01004483
6019XXX9701 D01047119 6013XXX5595 D01051682 6013XXX4673 D01014176
6017XXX9741 D01042699 6017XXX3918 D01044247 6019XXX9230 D01044128
6017XXX6045 D01002325 6010XXX5575 D01044052 6017XXX6264 D01016198
6010XXX3572 D01011489 6010XXX7863 D01045323 6014XXX3813 D01038500
6016XXX3091 D01039112 6012XXX7751 D01018853 6017XXX6226 D00997995
6011XXXX8802 D01009299 6016XXX7691 D01043244 6011XXXX6830 D01042021
6014XXX4692 D01047740 6014XXX1159 D01041363 6016XXX2484 D01034887

  • Prizes will be credited as credit into winner’s account. Credit is subjected to 1 time turnover before it is allowed to be withdrawn.
  • Winners will be announced on 24/05/2019. Winners will be notified via SMS notification.
  • MYBET88 reserves the right to suspend or terminate any duplicate accounts.
  • MYBET88 reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice, either for all players or individual player.
  • All MYBET88 General Terms & Conditions apply.
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